Actionable Analytics are rapidly becoming the go-to-solution for businesses and managers that require access to real-time information to assist in vital decision making. As a channel sales and marketing leader tasked with making important decisions about your channel partners, programs, and priorities, you are no exception to this trend.

With the playing field continuing to be highly competitive and your managerial moves can make your quarter or your year, you want your partner managers optimally enabled to win. Let us show you how.

In this whitepaper, we will address:

  • The specific challenges faced by sales and marketing leaders of companies using an indirect or channel sales model
  • The value of identifying the most relevant data for decision making, and making it readily accessible to enable faster, smarter decisions
  • Some examples of specific metrics and key performance indicators that you should consider using in your business
  • The biggest drivers of performance and how to enable front line managers with simple, understandable tools
  • The biggest barriers to success and how to overcome them

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