Employing Proven Processes to Move Claims Forward and Keep Reps Engaged



The Canadian arm of a global computer company sought to outsource their channel rewards program when their internal check based payout process was taking three times their published timelines. This delay was distracting the sales force from their work and the program was quickly losing rep participation and trust. They needed a robust and proven technology platform to improve sales claim fulfillment, rebuild rep engagement and nurture loyalty, plus drive them to sell more!


In transitioning the company’s reward program, ChannelAssist kept the company’s internal registration and sales controls, while using technology and services to elevate program processes and engagement. In addition to registration, promotion awareness and bulk sales claiming, the ChannelAssist solution added a repository for sales tools, Member Services and a branded reloadable rewards card.


The program has allowed the company’s limited Account Management Team to focus on driving sales rather than resolving reward complaints. Internal company control teams are also confident in program performance and compliance. Overall, rewards are now fulfilled within program SLAs, maximizing rep satisfaction and stakeholder trust.

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