Consolidating Channel Engagement Activities Improves Visibility, Eliminates Budget Duplications and Grows Loyalty



A multinational hardware and peripherals company was losing reseller focus and sales opportunities by allowing business units to execute channel initiatives independently. This resulted in duplications in effort and spending, and caused their operating costs to balloon, while at the same time causing confusion and loss of sales in the channel.


ChannelAssist provided an online environment where the company could offer unique promotions, despite their different product strategies and incentive models, under a single program brand. The platform was integrated with the company’s partner portal, establishing a single source for sales tools, training, incentives, claiming, reporting and rewards. ChannelAssist’s Member Services and Program Management were implemented to ensure effective program-centric support for all the company’s stakeholders and participants.


By consolidating and coordinating company-wide channel engagement activities, ChannelAssist has helped this prominent manufacturer maximize sales opportunities, as reseller reps now lead with their brand rather than just a product. By streamlining program operations, ROI has been optimized by reducing channel budget duplication, simplifying participation and providing visibility at both the promotion and strategic levels. Centralizing earnings for reps has demonstrated how focusing on the company as a whole truly improves their lifestyle. In turn, reps have rewarded the company with their loyalty, mindshare and ultimately increased sales and share of wallet.


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